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Hon Ming , in July 1990 to work in 1994 joined the Chinese Communist Party . Previously worked in a lawyer prosecutors work due to outstanding achievements, has won the inaugural Youth Tianhe District, Guangzhou skilled positions ( first place ) , Guangzhou prosecutors excellent prosecutor and the honorary title , in 2000 by the Guangzhou Tianhe District government awards, and repeatedly been rated as advanced individuals , Tianhe District , Guangzhou City crackdown advanced individuals. He was also elected to resign prior to Guangzhou Top Ten Youth prosecutor candidate.

To a greater extent, fulfill their potential , to achieve the original law school when we should dream of when a good lawyer , he abandoned the prosecution of the " iron rice bowl" , despite repeated to retain the original unit leaders , decided to invest in 2002 to the legal profession , with excellent legal skills and quality services soon grow into an excellent lawyer , and in the legal profession continues to play an exemplary role of party members and pioneer of advanced lead role .

Because of its high quality and good political relationships and dedication , early in 2007 to southern Guangdong law firm practicing LAM Hon Ming Desai , general secretary of the party branch in the year unanimously approved the re-election , was elected the new party secretary. As of now, under his leadership award by the party branch accounts for 63% of the total number of party members , has been subjected to any party outside the Party to any sanctions or penalties, and there have been 12 party members and lawyers were awarded the Guangdong Lawyers Association , Guangzhou City judicial Bureau, Guangzhou City Bar Association , Tianhe District , Guangzhou City Bureau of Justice and lawyers awarded the outstanding party members , outstanding party workers honor.

Work, LAM Hon Ming efforts to achieve " five to take the lead " : a lead in learning to improve , two to take the lead in striving for success , three lead serving the masses , four to take the lead law-abiding , five lead promote righteousness . As party secretary , he never forgets his duty , play an exemplary role in everything , by the party and non- party members and the masses alike .

Because of outstanding work performance , the 2010 Guangzhou Municipal Lawyers Association awarded him the " Business Achievement Award" certificate, and was also elected Municipal Lawyers Association Professional Committee , deputy director of the criminal law , as the Tenth Guangzhou Youth Federation members . Recently, Guangdong Lawyers Association and was awarded the " outstanding party workers ," the honorary title.

Dedication: to build credibility image of lawyers

Law Firm is a social intermediary organizations , lawyers for the profession itself is a social service professional .

If a man does not stand . LAM Hon Ming has been asking lawyers to establish "all from the overall situation , legal services in economic development , serving the people 's livelihood ," the concept and to integrity and professional service to win the trust of clients . He said that the essential attribute of lawyers to provide legal services for the community of socialist legal workers . Lawyers in this industry should have integrity and dignity Once damaged, the masses of trust law is bound to cut , thereby affecting the impartiality of justice and damage to the dignity of the law .

LAM Hon Ming not only educate Party members should play an exemplary role in law , it is strictly their own professional ethics , to firmly establish the "good faith " the practice of philosophy, consciously cherish and maintain the reputation of lawyers , their dedication to the maintenance of law and social justice , safeguarding the legitimate clients interests . A time , with the case in the process of LAM Hon Ming , the other agents even discuss with him , intending to malicious collusion harm the interests of clients , in order to achieve the so-called "common prosperity " purposes. This approach was immediately LAM Hon Ming sternly refused.

Lawyers practicing in his career, has always insisted on LAM Hon Ming : matters entrusted to possible legal risks , the objective to inform the client , not to engage in false promises ; no other party or a third person with malicious collusion against the interests of clients ; reasonable charged to the principal issue official invoices, no unauthorized fees and charges outside the case ; propaganda in practice realistic, objective and impartial , rigorous moderate , non-misleading , do not exaggerate , do not cheat , do not belittle friendly, does not imply individuals with relevant departments relationship , do not use lossy image of lawyers of publicity .

Security : improving branch system construction

In recent years, various branches LAM Hon Ming has been committed to strengthening the system construction, establish a good working mechanism.

First, insist on major political events learning system . Whenever there is a major political party and state document issued , LAM Hon Ming will promptly organized all party members to study documents, unity of thinking, and the Party Central Committee .

Second, innovative work of party building mechanisms , the use of major festivals , love the party to carry out educational activities Respect party themes , party members and organizations in the party activists outings , enhance mutual understanding and friendship and enhance the cohesion of the party branch . This year , to coincide with the 90th anniversary of the Chinese Communist Party and the 100th anniversary of the Revolution , in order to relive the history of the Chinese revolution , and further promote patriotism , LAM Hon Ming plans to " rejuvenate the Chinese nation , national revival " as the theme , the organization of all party members to visit the Whampoa Military Academy , and pay homage to the tomb of the martyr conquests , cherish the memory of the glorious achievements of the democratic revolution pioneer . Hope that through this event, so that the majority of party members and patriots who recognize martyrs prosperity for the Chinese efforts and sacrifices , so that all party members remember history , nurturing patriotism , unite spiritual power.

Finally, the positive development of the new members, train activists . Every year irregularly organize party system of democratic life , so that party members to carry out democratic appraisal , carry out criticism and self-criticism , so that each party from each other, build on our achievements , fix shortcomings, trying to do an outstanding member . And actively join the public welfare , stick whenever there is a significant donation charity , organization members to take the lead donor for the difficult people in need of help do something loving, offeri