Litigation And Arbitration

 The department is composed of a team of experienced senior lawyers and has a reputation for providing excellent, cost-effective representation in complex litigation and arbitration matters. During the past years, they have handled over five thousand cases of different nature.


● Services
※ General Civil matters.

※Family law, partnership, loans between individuals, claim for damages and
compensations, transactions and mortgages on commercial housing properties, rights and interests of consumers, and other matters.

※ Business and commercial.

※ Contracts, joint venture, partnership, transfer of shares and stocks, intelligence property rights, investment project, maritime affairs and maritime commerce and other matters.

※ Criminal defense.

※ Trails and appeals before all level of courts in China.

※ Administrative lawsuits, litigation against government administrative department.

※ Arbitration.

※ Labor disputes, domestic business issues, and international trading.