Finance and Securities

Finance and Securities Department is committed to developing capital markets and capital market legal services . Since its inception, the ministry by serving as legal counsel , agency proceedings , assist in asset management, debt restructuring , mortgage financing and other forms of service , with major state-owned banks , joint-stock banks, local financial institutions , asset management companies, fund management companies, listed companies and securities firms to establish a good business relationship. Especially in assisting asset management , the Ministry of outstanding performance . Desai has obtained China Securities Regulatory Commission , the Justice Department awarded qualifications . Finance and Securities Department will explore GEM, risk investment, trust and investment , financial leasing and other new areas of legal services market.


● service areas

※ financial and legal affairs
Commercial credit , syndicated loans , foreign currency loans , commercial paper , trust and investment , consumer credit , non-performing loan processing and other aspects of legal affairs.

※ securities law
Equities, debt issuance and trading of investment funds , listed companies, acquisitions and reverse takeovers.

● Some customers and results

※ Seagull Fund ( established in the issue and listing recommendation ).

※ Zhejiang Guangsha Construction Group AG.

※ Maoming Wing Yip AG.

※ Guangdong Meida Nylon AG.

※ Shenyang Special Environmental Protection Equipment Joint Stock Company.

※ Shandong Helon AG.

※ Hubei SANONDA AG ( participation in stock offerings , listing ).

※ China Industrial and Commercial Bank of China Ministry of Science and Guangzhou, Zhuhai Branch.

※ China Construction Bank, Guangzhou , Zhuhai Branch.

※ Agricultural Bank of China Guangzhou, Zhuhai Branch.

※ Bank of China Ezhou , Zhuhai Branch.

※ China Everbright Bank.

※ China Orient Asset Management Corporation Guangzhou Office.

※ China Huarong Asset Management Corporation , Wuhan Office.

※ China Cinda Asset Management Corporation Guangzhou Office.

※ Beijing International Trust and Investment , Wuhan Guo cast, Zhuhai SDIC.

※ Guangzhou firm , Zhuhai People's Bank , Zhuhai firm.

※ Guangdong Development Bank , Shenzhen Development Bank.

※ Zhuhai Huadian Corporation.