Staff Attorney
Huaiyuan Qu Senior Partner
Address:Guang Zhou

School: LL.B, Wuhan University
      EMBA of South China University of Technology
Practice Experience: Before joining D&S, he had worked as a lecturer in Guangzhou Judicial School from 1991 to 1996, and in-house in Guangdong International Trust & Investment Co., Ltd. from 1996 to 2000. He has dealt with a large number of cases in respect of real estate, sale of goods, shares transfer, joint venture, claims and debts, guarantees, etc.
Specialization: He has been practicing in securities in recent years. Projects that the attended include the IPO of Guangzhou Echom Technology Co. Ltd., corporate debt of Southern Publishing and Media Co., Ltd., restructuring of Zhuhai Xinhe Communication Group, new issuance of corporate stock for Kingfa Scientific and Technological Co., Ltd.
Clients that he served as permanent legal consultant include: State-owned Assets Supervision and Administration Commission of the State Council of Guangzhou City;Guangzhou Water Supply Co.; Guangzhou Municipal State Taxation Bureau; Guangdong Tourism Group; South China University of Technology; Guangzhou Junyi Real Estate Development Co., Ltd; Guangdong Jiufeng Group. He maintained a close relationship with China Constructin Bank (Guangdong Branch); Hua Xia Bank (Guangzhou Branch); China Cinda Asset Management Co., (Guangdong Branch); Guangzhou Securities Co., Ltd.
He also focuses on academic research and his publication include: Differentiation of Ownership of Building, and edited for the textbook of Taxation.
His representation in litigation include:
1. Contractual dispute arising out of between Vallant Properties Limited and Government of Baoding and Finance Department of Baoding;
2. Enforcement against Guangdong Yipai Apparel Co., Ltd, All-China Federation of Industry and Commerce in representing China Cinda Asset Management Co., (Guangdong Branch);
3. Enforcement of notarized document for creditor’s right against Guangdong Yitao Group, etc.
His non-litigated representation include:
1. Project of diversion of Xijiang River, amount of which reaches 8.6 billion;
2. IPO of Guangzhou Echom Technology Corporation;
3. New issuance of corporate bonds, and equity incentive program for Kingfa Scientific and Technological Co., Ltd.
Arbitrator of Guangzhou Arbitration Commission
Legislative consultant of executive committee of National People’s Congress of Guangzhou
2009-2011 Top Ten Guangzhou Lawyers
Expertise committee member of Guangzhou Securities Co. Ltd.