Staff Attorney
ZuoYun Xu partner
Address:Guang Zhou

A group of legal talents trained in China and/or overseas make up a trustworthy team in the D&S Guangzhou office. They have made D&S Guangzhou the market leader in legal service for real estate and commercial real estate in Guangzhou. They are experts in dealing with financing and assets problems and have achieved outstanding success in handling illegal financial activities of banks, institutional investors and assets management companies. They have successfully assisted state-owned enterprises and collectively-owned enterprises in company restructuring, issuing and listing of shares. They regularly offer foreign companies with legal advice in respect of investing and trading in China. They have not only delivered quality service in respect of intellectual property rights and IT business but also played an important role in legislative activities like making and amending of regulations and policies in those fields.
D&S Guangzhou is among one of the top law firms in Guangzhou.