Staff Attorney
RongGui Li partner
Address:Guang Zhou

School: LL.B. in economic laws of Zhongnan University of Economics and Law, LL.M. in civil and commerce law of Sun Yat-Sen University.
Experience: He is a partner of D&S and has more than fifteen years of practicing experiences in legal industry. He has great achievement in high profile practice areas. He specialized in large scale investment of infrastructure construction and syndicated credit in investment, construction, operation and management, mergers & acquisitions, liquidation, corporate reconstruction, capital operation, construction, property rights transfer, litigation and arbitration, especially foreign related arbitration. A great number of cases that he dealt with later became classic cases; contracts and demand letters in respect of mergers & acquisitions, property right transfer and capital operation that were drafted and issued by him have been adopted by companies as models.
Specialization: securities, real estate, infrastructure construction, advanced technology, corporate affairs and foreign investment.
Certification: Member of international commerce committee of Guangzhou Lawyers Association.