Staff Attorney
Chen Guangbing Senior Partner
Address:Bei Jing

Education Backgrounds:  Bachelor degree of Law
Woking Experience: A former corporate legal supervisor, assistant to the general manager.(1995-2000)
D&S Law Firm(2001 till now)
speciality advantages: More than ten-year experience in legal work, having a profound theoretical knowledge and rich experience in practice. A legal counsel for many large enterprises, companies, celebrities, providing a lot of effective legal advice, legal training, negotiation, mediation, litigation and other services for the customers. Handled many companies setting-up, restructuring, bankruptcy, debt to equity swap and other legal affairs. In the matters of lawsuit, dealing with contract disputes, debt disputes, real estate disputes, trademark and patent disputes, criminal defense and company’s legal affairs. In criminal defense, the thought is unique, the viewpoint is novel. In the matters of debt  collection, the lawyer and clients share the recovery of accounts receivable investment risk, through the flexible non litigation collection of accounts receivable, as possible as it can be not damage the creditor and the debtor’s friendly relations and cooperation, and seize the opportunity to take action and accurate property preservation means.
The lawyer service principle of "honest and trustworthy, quality service, affordable fees, the wrong will be lost,"