Staff Attorney
YanShen Xie partner
Address:Guang Zhou

Education Background: Graduated from Guangdong Jurisdicial Officer Training Professional School Law, Sun Yat-Sen University Law


Personal Experience: In 2002, Mr. Xie Yanshen began his law practicing career by joining in Guangdong Jinlian Law Firm. In April 2008, he participated in D&S Law Firm. Holding the belief that being trusty and faith, responsible and serious, higher quality served to his clients, Mr. Xie had dealt with thousands cases of economic, civil and non-lawsuit procedure successively. He has provided legal services and being the legal consultant to many companies: Yitao Real Estate Company, Kangchao Group, Jinyi Industry, Huili Chemical Engineering, Weisheng Chenmical Engineering, Hannah(international) Beauty Institution, Hongkai Real Estate Company, Delta Faucet (China) Co.,Ltd., Xindu Real Estate Company, Jiake Gardens Company, Puguang Technology, Jixing Car Making Company, Senex Technology( Guangzhou), Jianqiao Medicine, Keli New Energy, Hui Hetong Industry, Easily Cupboard and so on.

Major strength1. In non-lawsuit area, Mr. Xie is skilled in being cooperate consultant, offering legal advices for daily legal business, developing labor and capital system, giving legal training to employees, drafting contract, risk prevention, business negotiation, following up the fulfilment of significant contract; 2. In lawsuit area, Mr. Xie has extensive experience in litigation, negotiations, conciliation, and mediation of contract disputes, construction project disputes, real estate disputes, property management disputes, traffic accident disputes and labor disputes.