Staff Attorney
Yong Xiong Senior Partner

Educational background:graduated from college in 1987
Work experience:1989:got the law license.
  1990.12-1998.12: full-time lawyer at Hunan law firm JiaoYang.
  1999.1-2002.6:senior partner of Hunan joint adventure law firm.
  2002-now:senior partner of Hunan Guo Feng De Sai law firm

Professional Skills:From the early,mainly focus on litigation practice,undertook a thousand of contractor criminal, civil and administrative cases , and established a good foundation of law and the experience of the legal, also can use legal knowledge for the client to provide legal services skillfully.
   Since 1999 , I treated the company business and real estate development business as my main direction of professional development, during this time I got eight-year practical experience, I had considerable attainments in the professional operation above and the leading edge of professional practice .
   In terms of business,I provide special legal service for three stock company to set up or change. Supplying special legal services for five foreign-invested enterprises included establishment of enterprises with foreign investment and foreign mergers , participated in the pre-listing tutoring of two joint-stock companies which is listed on the gem.serve as the special counsel of three state-owned enterprise shareholding system reform,the Chinese lawyer of Sheraton project in Changsha,the legal counsel of four large enterprise group whose property are more than 1 billion yuan.
   In the construction business, as a lawyer of the SanBanxi hydropower with a hydro installed capacity of 1,000,000 kilowatts of , the LingJingtan hydropower with a hydro installed capacity of 270,000 kilowatts of,the HongJiang hydropower with a hydro installed capacity of 230,000 kilowatts and civil engineering ,equipment installation,electrical and mechanical equipment procurement tender and project management of other three power stations with a hydro installed capacity of 100,000 kilowatts .provided the legal services for construction and installation work of real estate project which has a total of more than 2 million square meters of construction area.
   In the real estate business, has served as legal counsel for more than a dozen of real estate development company ,Involvement in the service of real estate projects construction of more than 2million square meters.
   main companies and projects that I served:
      Hunan Huachuang Real Estate Group
      Hunan Yunda Industry Group Co. Ltd. and nine subsidiary corporations.
      Shanghai Pudong development bank Hunan branch.
      Hunan Rongcheng Industrial Investment Development Co. Ltd.
      Hunan Wuling Hydropower Development Co. Ltd.
      Hunan Youyuan Industrial Co. Ltd. and five subsidiary corporations
      Hunan Shenghui Real Estate Co. Ltd.
      Hunan Jiamei Real Estate Development Co. Ltd.
      Hunan Jinxin Real Estate Development Co. Ltd.
      Hunan Future Real Estate Development Co. Ltd.
      Hunan Wuhua Hotel Co. Ltd.
      Changsha Littuo Town Development Construction Co. Ltd.
      Changsha Yuhua Town Development Construction Co. Ltd.
      Changsha Rongcheng Real Estate Development Co. Ltd.
      Joint-stock restructuring project of Crap river power plant.
      Hunan Chuangyuan Aluminum Co. Ltd. 110000 tons of electrolytic aluminum project
      Listed Project of Hunan Yunda Green Packaging Co. Ltd.
      Hunan Hualing Construction Investment Co. Ltd.
      Changsha to Sheraton hotel project.
      Changsha Yuhua Urban Development Company restructuring project
      Changsha aluminum in bankruptcy
      Changsha Yunda International Plaza Real Estate Project
      Changsha Rongcheng Court real estate Project
      Changsha Huayin Yuan real estate Project
      Changsha Jintai jiayuan real estate Project
      Changsha Sega • International  real estate Project
      Changsha Happiness foreign-style house real estate Project
      Changsha Future City real estate Projects
      Changsha beautiful new city real estate projects
      Changsha Lituoxincheng real estate development Project
      Changsha Qingyuan issue of real estate projects
      Changsha Lingxiuxiangjiang real estate development projects
      Changsha Gold Harbour real estate projects
      Changde Fengdanlishe real estate projects
      Yueyang Galaxy Garden real estate projects
      Yongzhou xiaoxiang road pedestrian street project
      I sincere from the law for I'm firmly believe:
      lawyer is the guardian of rules of laws,the practice of law is the important bases of democracy society.