Staff Attorney
MingZhi Zhang Senior Partner

Educational background::Hunan management cadre institute of politics and law, majored in administrative law ;
  ZUEL,majored in law;
  Legal science specialized graduated student of Hunan university school of law.

Work experience:senior partner of Hunan Guo Feng De Sai law firm ,internship at law firm in 1992,obtained a lawyer's qualification certificate in 1993,began formal practice in 1994.
  during the period of practice ,served as legal counsel for many large enterprises and government sectors like Changsha people's government of the financial securities,Changsha  people's government of disposal of illegal fund-raising leading group office, Yuhua district in Changsha people's government of hole wells township,China petrochemical group baling petrochemical co,LTD.China Pacific property insurance co,LTD. Hunan branch,Hunan HenShengJiaYuan real estate development co,LTD.and was ever invited by the national people's congress law committee of Hunan province,to attend the legislative research work of drafting «Labor Contract Law»and amending «civil procedure law»,and attending the workshops of local legislation for many times.
   during the period of practice,issue the legal opinion for overseas investment institutions to buy bad assets in China for many times,for business cooperation with The big four state-owned asset management company office in Changsha and Hunan goods letter investment holding co.,LTD,agent for assets disposal and asset restructuring.agent for a formal hearing at Supreme People's Court of a second trial of civil cases for many times,and some cases were filed in «Civil trial guidance and reference» which was published by Supreme People's Court.

Professional Skills:with a solid legal theory background,rich experience in actual operation and good track record.Good at deal with litigation and non-litigation legal affairs of financial trade,construction and real estate,and non-performing assets management field.