Staff Attorney
Fei Xiao partner

Educational background::Graduated from Xiangtan University, Bachelor of Law.
  On-job postgraduate of Hunan Normal University.
  The first grade lawyer.

Work experience:Expert of Changsha government legal system expert database.
   The first library experts of the State-owned assets supervision and administration commission of Hunan province outside directors. Successfully managed a merger and acquisition for a private enterprise, and finally merged the large enterprises of the central ministries and commissions in Hunan province.
   Act as the legal adviser in many large enterprises such as the Development and Reform Commission of Changsha government, Changsha crane factory co., LTD, Hunan Tianyu Huaye (group) co., LTD, Hunan YongSheng real estate development company and Hunan Zhenghao his real estate co., LTD.
   Fight against the Private Services of the game "the legend" in Hunan province, which authorized by Shanghai Shanda network development co., LTD. This case lead to the five departments (The state press and publication administration, the ministry of information industry and SAIC) jointly promulgated a new administrative regulations which affirm that the “Private Services” and “Hack tools” is illegal Internet publishing activities, because it influenced the protection of intellectual property rights IT industry. Successfully acted as an agent for those relatives of the 20 fire officers and soldiers who died in Hengyang "11.3" fire collapse accident. 
   Participate in redacting The legal system of WTO, and the theory of response after China's accession to the World Trade Organization. Published more than 10 papers in the national and provincial law newspapers and magazines, such as The influence of the theory of property law to our country real estate industry, The circumstances changing principle in perspective of theory of civil law, Theory of the influence of the dispute settlement mechanism of WTO to our country and its countermeasures, etc. Teaching main law course in colleges and universities, such as "Company law", "Contract law", "Property law" and "the Lawyer practice" and so on.
   Participated in many discussions and argumentations in more than 10 department draft local laws and regulations, such as Housing registration method in Changsha, Bylaw of Changsha rail transit and Changsha Tong guan site protection regulations, etc.
   Often commissioned by the Changsha government, review the contracts signed in the name of the Changsha government and issue a legal opinion for them. Participate in the legal discussion meeting on major investment projects of Changsha government

Professional Skills:Good at deal with real estate case and asset acquisition. Adept at making legal adviser, criminal defense and dealing with other legal affairs.Law,Contract Law