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WenMingZhang partner
Address:Guang Zhou


Mr Zhang has been a lawyer since 1995. He is experienced in litigation practice. He had handled hundreds of cases, types of the cases involving criminal defense, marriage and inheritance, labor disputes, personal injury, traffic accident, medical disputes, insurance claim, reputation infringement, property disputes, maritime, intellectual property, land contract, construction project, company restructured, equity transfer.

Mr Zhang ever acted as director of law office in investigation and pre-trail department of force and police station. Also he took the concurrent post of deputy manager of real estate development company and middle school vice principle of legal system.

Mr Zhang is good at dealing with company legal affairs, served as permanent legal consultant to many enterprise.

He has a certain level in legal theory so that there are dozens of articles published by press and the articles were also adopted by high level government organs.

Due to the outstanding legal service and the work of safeguard of legal right, he himself and his stories had been reported by many press and awarded many commendations. He has been granted the title of advanced party member, outstanding lawyer successively and he had obtained third class merit four times.