Staff Attorney
PeiHu He partner

Educational background:   born in 1968,the lawyer of Hunan Guo Feng De Sai law firm ,graduated from Hunan normal university and majored in physics,Hunan college of finance and economics accounting ,acquired Neo-Confucian double major in economics,possessed the lawyer certification, Accountant certification and Securities practice qualification certification.
Work experience:   I was ever worked at Changsha branch of agricultural bank of China,China galaxy securities co.,LTD,Merchants Securities, Macro link group,proficient in professional theory and relevant laws and regulations of financial credit,bank settlement,security.With a lot of financial management,securities offering and underwriting,company restructuring and reorganization,and capital operation practice.

Professional Skills:   during the period of practice,experienced in the development of legal professional direction of financial and real estate securities,owning to my solid professional and legal theory foundation of basic skills,the ability of composite,rich experience,and the rigorous working style,I handled a large amount of contract dispute,non-litigation and non-performing assets disposal of cases of bank security,real estate and property management company ,provided superior legal service for parties as the minor crime criminal defendants appointed by government and the legal aid center. In the accusing legal field, got great relevant experiences from 2 cases in Hunan province. Joined the assets review hold by the U.S. DAC (China) company. Also worked as the legal adviser in many enterprises.