Advantages of D&S

D&S Serves World with High-caliber Talents

Advantages of D&S

With China’s entrance into WTO, the legal service sector is confronted with unprecedented development opportunity and challenge. The decision-making team of D&S adopted the sustainable development strategy, resolutely aiming to create a specialized and internationalized law firm group.

The clients’ reliance upon D&S is based on:

Professional lawyer team

D&S is staffed by more than 180 lawyers most of whom graduated from China’s topflight universities, and many of them have overseas training experiences, including but not limited to, making research in or visiting and studying in  law schools, research institutes or law firms in America, Britain, Canada, Switzerland, Holland and other countries. One third of the D&S lawyers have the professional title such as law professor, doctor, master or are studying for degree, and a majority of the total are senior lawyers with more than seven years’ experience in practicing law. D&S has rich academic achievements every year, representing the D&S spirit of diligence in thinking, its ability to solve difficult cases and the profound law theory talent. The D&S lawyers are experts with considerable achievement in their respective practicing fields. On the basis of their respective business and academic speciality, the lawyers serve in certain departments including the Litigation and Arbitration Dept., Corporate Business Depart., Finance and Securities Dept., Real Estate Dept., Construction Business Dept., Intellectual Property Dept., International Business Dept., and Execution Dept. All the offices of D&S located in various areas complement one another with their own advantages, share the resource together and make joint efforts to create the D&S service brand. The lawyers of every department form efficient teams in the light of clients’ demand and business character, providing domestic and foreign clients with comprehensive and intensive legal services.

Long-term Accumulated Brand Value   

As a service trademark, D&S was registered with the State Trademark Bureau more than a decade ago, being one of the most famous trademarks with longest history in the legal service sector. D&S commits itself to building up brand image with high quality service and to repay clients’ reliance with good faith and diligence. The law firm will make considerable investment in training personnel and popularization of legal service. The D&S lawyers participate vigorously in the administration and discussion of state affairs and propaganda for rule of law, provide legal aid service, and engage in commonweal activities within their abilities. The D&S brand symbolizes the cultural value and dedication spirit of the law firm. By making efforts unremittingly for so many years, the D&S lawyers have made D&S a prestigious legal service brand among clients.

D&S has won a great deal of honors. The law firm is one of the first seven model law firms of Guangdong province and the first batch of national distinguished law firms. Doctor He Shaojun and Doctor Yan Xiangrong, partners of D&S, have been awarded as national distinguished lawyers. Among the D&S lawyers, there are many deputies to people’s congress, party representatives, member of CPPCC at provincial and municipal levels, and legal counsels for governments and people’s congress.

Business Network built up over Many Years

The business network of D&S spreads all over China. It has law offices or cooperation institutions in Beijing, Guangzhou, Zhuhai, Wuhan, Changsha, New York, Toronto, Hong Kong, Macao and other areas, and has business partners in major cities in China, including Shanghai, Chongqing, Tianjin, Nanjing and Shenzhen and other cities. D&S has also established long-term, stable business exchange and cooperation relationships with counterparts in America, Canada, Britain, France, Italy, Japan, Hong Kong, Macao, Taiwan and other countries and regions. Such a business network facilitates interprovincial, interregional and international legal services, instructions and assistance for clients.

Strong Support from Jurists

In the legal service sector in China, D&S takes the lead in setting up an institute of international economic law and legal expert consultation commission, which employ pundit law professors as expert consultants from China’s top-ranking universities and research institutes, and these experts provide authoritative consultation for major cases, important cases and complicated cases and large non-litigation cases. In addition, by virtue of these jurists, D&S holds academic activities frequently, so as to increase the professional level of lawyers and their business capability as well.

Increasingly Perfect Management System

Oriented toward law firm group: All D&S organs implement the D&S ideology, aiming to complement one another with respective advantages, share resources together and create a brand with joint efforts.

Close Partnership Mode: Trust and cooperation among all partners, share of benefit and risk.

Specialized business: to advocate one speciality and diversified capability, to cultivate expert lawyers. Specialized business training and specialized service provided by working team enable each D&S staff member to exert their respective talents.

Specialized Management: By virtue of the corporate-styled governance, D&S law firm set up specialized management teams, which will be in charge of business, financial affairs, culture, own brand business and plan and management of public relations of the law firm.

Increasingly perfect management system: Adhering to democratic and scientific management concept, D&S is perfecting and innovating its management system increasingly. The internal management and operation rules are strict and clear with orderly regulation. The D&S Code, the compilation of regulations and rules, is the fruit of the wisdom of all the D&S staff members.

Perfect Modern Service Facilities

All the D&S offices are located at the CBD of cities, being easily accessible. The office areas of D&S totals 5,000 square meters, with the working environment being elegant and agreeable. The modern facilities, including PABX System, Multifunctional Text-image Transmission System, wireless communication system, documents-copying and processing system, 24-hour Internet Access System, Intranet system, special case management system, a great deal of books and magazines and periodicals, and the website ( of the law firm, constitute the reliable guarantee for high-efficiency and fine legal services.