Hi-tech department aims to meet the need of hi-tech industry development and it is composed of talents who are familiar with company financing, risk investment, transformation in line with stock system, company going public, intellectual property right, e-commerce and other matters. They provide particular services for the major and medium-sized industries and hi-tech industries whose business fields contains electron, communication, risk investment, shareholding reform, internet and e-commerce etc.

Some of the lawyers have engaged in the drafting and verification of the local e-business regulations.


● Services

※ Creation, acquisition, utility and application of technology.

※ Capital financing.

※ Transformation in line with stock system, stock issuing and going public.

※ Purchasing and merger.

※ Technology contracts and licensing.

※ Strategic ally, join venture and contracting cooperation.

※ Protection of intellectual property right and commercial application.

※ Investigation and suing concerning Tort disputes.

※ Relation between employers and employees.

※ International affairs.