Intellectual Property

 The department is able to provide local and international clients with the specialized legal services for protection of intellectual property rights and has achieved outstanding results in the fields of trademarks, patents, copyrights, etc.. This Department also takes the leading role in the fields of e-business, franchised business, network copyrights, and competitive law.

The lawyers and representatives with profound law knowledges can provide services about torts of intellectual property and litigation etc. They are all professionals about techniques of law and law fields. They can protect the clients’ interests perfectly. During the past years, they have accumulated lots of experiences. Mot of them are good at English and take part in the training of IP regularly. They have particular advantages in dealing with IP cases in home and abroad.

The staffs in this department are familiar with patent law, trademark law and other relevant regulations which help them deal with the patent search, patent application, trademark inquiry, trademark registration, trademark revocation etc.


● Services

※ Industrial property rights, Patent, trademark and copyright application, patent and trademark right, business secrets, use and transfer of license for exclusive know-how, Protection of copyrights, copyright infringement, protection and dispute solution for software copyrights, network copyrights.

※ Competition law.

※ Franchised business operations.

※ On-line business and e-business.