The Brief Introduction of D&S Law Firm, Guangdong

Guangzhou is the economic center in Southern China and functions as the gateway of China to the outside world.  A group of legal experts trained in China as well as overseas have adopted the Law Firm’s philosophy and forms the legal team of the D&S Guangzhou office.  They are the leaders in providing legal services for the Guangzhou real estate market especially legal matters concerning mortgages. They are experts in dealing with bad debts and non-performing assets and have achieved outstanding success in managing non-performing assets of banks, trust company and assets management companies and other financial institutions. They have also successfully assisted many enterprises to become strong and prosperous by implementing measures such as restructuring companies into shareholding companies; issuing and listing shares; perfecting corporation systems as well as establishing share ownership incentive systems. They are well-versed in both domestic and international laws; thus regularly provide legal services for both foreign companies in their investments and trading in China as well as large and mid-size domestic companies entering the international market.  In addition to providing high quality service in respect to intellectual property rights and IT businesses, they have also played an important role in legislative activities such as implementing and amending regulations and policies in these fields.  After years of hard work, the Guangzhou D&S Law Firm has been honored with the awards including the Guangzhou Model Unit of Good Faith; Window of Civilization Unit in Guangzhou; Advanced Unit in Legal Aid; Outstanding Contributor in Social Welfare, Business Achievement Award, Standard Law Firm of Guangzhou; Top 10 Law Firm of Guangzhou and other awards.  Guangzhou D & S Law Firm has developed into a world-class large scale legal service provider in Guangzhou.

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