D&s law firm background of the establishment of the Hong Kong branch office to make full use of the Hong Kong international financial and trade window, enhance the complementary advantages of the mainland and Hong Kong, improve service quality, meet the different needs of customers at home and abroad, in April 2010, nominated by the all China lawyers association and the Hong Kong lawyer will review, guangdong d&s law firms to set up a branch office in Hong Kong, this is after the signing of CEPA on the mainland ninth house opened in Hong Kong law firm. Service advantages desai with Hong Kong law firm established close cooperative relations, service network can be covered dozens of countries and regions around the world, mainland China, Hong Kong and foreign lawyers joint service mode to the completion of cross-border business transactions for the customer to provide legal protection. Desai extensive service network can make the customer in obtaining high quality, efficient legal services at the same time, can reduce the need several law firms in the same cross-border transactions. Main business includes for mainland enterprises and individuals to Hong Kong and overseas investment, real estate and business matters to provide advisory services, and Hong Kong for foreign enterprises and individuals to invest in the mainland, real estate and commercial activities of Chinese legal service, etc. Desai is committed to provide quality and efficient legal service, excellent professional in the field of legal talents become more firm to provide comprehensive legal services to the customers the reliable guarantee. Main business areas related to foreign investment, mergers and acquisitions, securities and capital markets, financial and banking, infrastructure and project finance, real estate and construction projects, intellectual property, international trade, mineral and natural resources, labor, dispute resolution, etc. Over the years, desai, with its excellent legal service won the customer high praise, constantly get admitted that China's government departments and professional organizations at home and abroad. By judicature bureau of guangdong province in 1998 awarded civilized law firm in guangdong province, in 2005 and 2008 for two consecutive times by the all China lawyers association awarded the title of national excellent law firm.


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