International Business

The department consists of high-caliber overseas(America, England, Canada, Switzerland, Holland) trained lawyers with fluent English and profound knowledge in international private law, international law, international trade law and other fields. They are experienced in dealing with important legal affairs involving 5 cases whose subject matter amount to 1~50 hundred million dollars and 21 cases whose subject matter amount to 10 million dollars and 1 hundred million dollar.


● Services
※ Foreign investments: Establishment of wholly foreign-owned ventures, contractual joint ventures or joint ventures and matters in relation to its operation and management.

※Investments overseas: application for overseas investment projects, financial creditability investigation, risk assessment, contract negotiation.

※International transaction and product liability.

※Shipping and insurance of international transaction.

※Investigation on buyer’s credits and seller’s credits, of international trades.

※account settlements for international trades.

※Anti-dumping actions.