D&S Origin

The name “D&S” is abbreviated from “Democracy and Science”, which stands for the founder’s commitment to democracy, science, truth and dedication to rule of law.

Along with China’s pace towards rule of law, D&S Law Firm has attracted and introduced so many excellent lawyers with both political integrity and professional competence. With the operation style “strictness & prudence, diligence & trust, integrity & good faith and high quality & efficiency”, lawyers of D&S have won the sweeping praise of clients and created the legal service brand: “D&S”.

At present, D&S has become a legal service organization with certain scale and reputation. Its offices and agencies include Beijing Run& Race-D&S Law Firm, Guangdong Southern China-D&S Law Firm (Guangzhou), Guangdong D&S Law Firm (Zhuhai), Hubei Zhuochuang-D&S Law Firm (Wuhan), Hunan Guofeng-D&S Law Firm (Changsha), D&S International Economic Law Academic Institution, D&S Intellectual Property Rights Service Co., Ltd and relevant representatives or cooperative agencies in New York, Toronto, Macao, Hong Kong and other cities.

D&S aims to develop into a topflight international and specialized law firm.