Beijing D&S Law Firm

Beijing D&S Law Firm has been approved by the Judicial Administrative Department and it is the partnership of the original Beijing D&S Law Firm and the Guangdong Run & Race Law Firm.  The collaboration of Renren and D&S is the major step toward the development of the D&S Law Firm into a large-scale Corporate Group.  The Beijing D&S Law Firm is designated as the headquarter of D&S and offers a wide range of services in criminal law, financial securities, real estates, corporate law, intellectual property rights and international business etc.  It also provides human resources, business and network support to the branches of the D&S; thus promoting the goal of D&S Law Firm as it develops into a large scale, professional as well as international institution.

More and more top lawyers are joining the Beijing D&S team and have adopted the philosophy of the law firm.  Among them are lawyers who have been practicing law since the legal system has been restored in China; their expertise in law as well as their wealth of hands-on experience are renounce in the legal industry.  Moreover, many have experience working in establishments such as the department of Justice, administration, universities, research organizations as well as various financial departments.  The lawyers of Beijing D&S were educated in prestigious law school throughout China and most hold a Master’s Degree in law as well as worked in law related services for many years.  The dedicated legal team possesses a wealth of experience as well as the ability to provide in-depth legal services to their clients.  The office of The Beijing Renren – D&S Law Firm is located in a pleasant setting that covers an area of over 1100 square meters. It has a well-equipped legal office as well as an organized management that provides high quality and reliable legal services to their clients.

Address: 4th Floor, No.4 Block, Chang An Xing Rong Center, No.1Naoshikou Street, Xicheng District, Beijing, P.R.C
Post Code: 100031                Website:
Tel: (10) 010-58529000           Fax: (010) 58529001


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