General Legal Counseling

The department has a group of lawyers who not only specialize in company and business law but also are familiar with company operation and management.


Some of the lawyers hold high qualifications in economics, accounting and taxation, others have experiences of working at the senior managerial level in big companies or other entities. They offer a wide range of services for corporations, finance institutions, social communities and government department and other organizations. This department can provide diverse services for different entities, such as, social communities, government departments. This services contain litigation, non-litigation, VIC(Very Important Client) service system etc. The clients can appoint and change the lawyers. The lawyers in charge should make full use of the modern communication, go to the clients’ offices at regular or irregular intervals, take part in the meeting, draft or modify the legal opinion and make some seminars etc. Through these ways, this department will solve the complicated legal issues for the clients.


● Services
※ Company formation and incorporation.

※ Company shares, increase or decrease of capitals.

※ Drafting contracts.

※ Shareholding system restructuring.

※ Articles of incorporation, company constitution.

※ Merger, acquisition and amalgamating of companies.

※ Insolvency, dissolution and liquidation of companies.

※ Labor and capital relation.

※ Commercial confidential information, industrial property rights.

※ Company debts.

※ Company taxation affairs planning.

※ Legal advices on company investment projects.