Hunan Guofeng D&S Law Firm

Hunan Guofeng D&S Law Firm was formerly known as Hunan Guofeng Law Firm.  On December 31, 2002, Hunan Guofeng D&S Law Firm was approved by the Department of Justice of Hunan to become a member of D&S Law Firm.  The two main features of the Firm are highly qualified lawyers and professional services.  Among the seven senior partners, two members are PHD, three hold Master’s Degrees, and two are undergraduates and one is a civil engineer.  The firm has also hired Certified Accountants, tax experts and cost engineers to serve as advisors on an expert’s panel.

The Firm has an exceptional track record and many success stories in the wide range of legal services it provides. The firm is also the long-term legal counsel for various government departments such as the Department of Transportation of Hunan, the Department of Foreign Trade and Economic Cooperation of Hunan Province as well as enterprises such as Hong Kong Hunan Co. Ltd.; Hunan Road and Bridge Construction Group Corp., Hunan Wuling Hydro Group Corp.; Hunan Expressway Investment Co. Ltd.; Local Railway Bureau of Hunan Province; Hunan Chuangyuan Investment Group Corp.; China Road and Bridge Construction Group Corp. etc.  The Firm has successfully handled several influential cases and provided quality and effective legal services for its clients in the area of international trade, international investment, construction, real estates, intellectual property rights as well as corporate mergers and acquisitions etc.  The firm is also committed to teach the post-graduate and under graduates of Hunan Normal University Law School and Hunan Business College Legal Department as well as provides job training for the students of these two universities; it is a member of the Changsha Industry and Commerce Alliance Advocate Service Center.  The firm was honored as “Distinguished Law Firm in the City of Changsha” in 2005 and 2007.

Address: 19/F, Oversea Chinese Building, No.18 Central Liberation Road, Changsha, Hunan, P.R.C.

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