Staff Attorney
Guocai Zhong Senior Partner
Address:Guang Zhou

Kenneth started his practice since the 1990s. He is very experienced in handling corporate legal affairs as well as real estate, international business and trade, and foreign investment cases. Kenneth is a standing trustee of the Guangzhou Lawyers Association, a director of the Participation in Government and Political Affairs Committee and founding Senior Partner and director of Guangdong Southern branch of D&S Law Firm.

• Doctorate in Civil and Commercial Law (Ph.D.) (Wuhan University)
• Bachelor of Laws (LL.B.) (Zhongnan University of Economics and Law)

Professional Work Experience
• Founding Senior Partner and Director of Guangdong Southern branch of D & S Law Firm (Jan. 2001 – Present)
• Partner and chief lawyer of Guangzhou Zhonglian Law Firm April
(1995 – December 2000)
• Practicing in Vincent.T.K.Cheung, Yap&CO., HK (1994) 
(July 1990 – April 1995)

Arbitration Panels
• Shenzhen Court of International Arbitration (SCIA)

Professional Activities and Qualifications
• Standing trustee of Guangzhou Lawyers Association
• Director of the Participation in Government and Political Affairs Committee
• Executive member of the Disciplinary Committee Member of Internship Assessment Management Committee, adjudicator of Guangzhou Intermediate Titles Lawyer on Enterprise Property Rights Qualification

Project Involvement
Arbitration Cases
• Instituted a CIETAC arbitration where the sum in dispute was 4.5 million RMB. Mr. Zhong helped his client secure RMB752,000 in a settlement.
• Instituted SCIA arbitral proceedings for the breach of a development contract. Claimed for RMB16 million and secured a RMB3 million award from the tribunal.
• Helped secure an award of over RMB11 million in addition to interest and costs in a GZAC arbitration concerning a breach of a contract of sale of concrete.
• Successfully defended a GZAC arbitration claim of over RMB 22.1 million from an alleged breach of an exclusive oil supply contract. The tribunal dismissed all claims.
• Assisted a client in successfully counterclaiming for over RMB 7.4 million in a GZAC arbitration regarding the breach of a construction contract.
• Obtained an award ordering respondent to give up property as security for a sum of over 16.9 million RMB and pay costs. Mr. Zhong has successfully enforced this award in the Guangzhou Intermediate People’s Court.
• Obtained an award of upwards of 10.7 million RMB, plus costs, for a client and successfully enforced it in the Guangzhou Intermediate People’s Court.

Securities Projects
• IPO proceedings for Guangzhou Yichang Polytron Technologies Inc.
• Additional shares issuing, equity incentive project, debentures issuance and IPO for Jinfa Polytron Technologies Inc.

Real Estate and Equity Investment Projects
Chongqing Yangtze River Bridge Project;
Oriental Plaza Project;
Guangzhou Tianhe Entertainment Plaza Project;
International Golf Course Project of Guangzhou Xian Village;
Guangzhou Lotus Hill Golf Club Project;
Hainan Sanya Yalong Bay Golf Course Project;
Cheung Kong Royal Lake Villa Project;
International Toy Gifts City Project
Guangzhou Dairy Acquisition project
Fuxin Plaza Project;
Tomson Commercial Building Project;

Infrastructure Investment Projects
• Wuhan-Guangzhou Travel Service Special Railway Line
• Wuhan-Shijiazhuang Travel Service Special Railway Line
• Guangzhou-Shenzhen-Hong Kong Travel Service Special Railway Line
• Shanghai-Kunming Travel Service Special Railway Line
• Xiamen-Shenzhen Travel Service Special Railway Line
• Guangzhou-Qingyuan Intercity Railway
• Foshan-Zhaoqing Intercity Railway
• Dongguan-Huizhou Intercity Railway

Total amount of investment is more than RMB600 billion.

Provided legal service to the construction and operation of the railways mentioned above, including the financing, drafting and amendment of the projects, the drafting of the land expropriation contracts, building relocation contracts, construction contracts,design contracts, development contracts, sales and purchase contracts, leasing contracts, technology contracts, management contracts, labor contracts, etc.

Legal Consultancy
Mr. Zhong worked as a legal consultant for clients listed below:
Hongkong Yangtze River Industrial (Group) Co., Ltd.;
Li Hing Holdings Ltd;
Guangzhou Construction Group Co., Ltd.;
Guangzhou Restaurant Group Co., Ltd.;
Guangdong Province Textile Import and Export Group Co., Ltd.;
Guangdong Light Industry Import and export (Group) Co., Ltd.;
Jinfa Polytron Technologies Inc;
Guangzhou Yichang Polytron Technologies Inc.;
Zhonghua Guangdong Company;
Guangdong Medicines and Health Products Import and Export Corporation;
Guangdong Cultural and Sport Products Import and Export Corporation;
Gan Hua Import and Export Corporation;
Guangdong Arche Cosmetics Co., Ltd.;
Department of Culture of Guangdong Province;
Whampoa District People's Government of Guangzhou;
Guangzhou Baiyun Mountain Scenic Area Administration;
China World Hotel;
Management Committee of Tianhe Science Park, Guangzhou Hi-tech Industrial Development Zone;
Guangdong Digital Mobile Television Co., Ltd.;
China Southern Equipment (Guangzhou) Co., Ltd.;
Guangzhou Jiechang Automobile Trade Co., Ltd.;
Jebsen (China) Trading Co., Ltd.;
Guangdong Hing lion Automobile Sales and Service Co., Ltd.;
Guangzhou Juhai Industry Co., Ltd.;
Guangzhou Whampoa Construction Company;
Guangzhou City Planning Survey Design Research Institute; etc..


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