Staff Attorney
XiaoWu Tan partner
Address:Guang Zhou
Partner of Guangdong D&S Law Firm. Member of Intellectual Property Board of Guangzhou Lawyers’ Association; member of Board of Corporate Affairs of Guangzhou Lawyers’ Association.
Mr. Tan has served for numerous pubic organs and factories as legal consultant and assisted the government in respect of land expropriation, “San-Jiu” Resonstruction, factory construction, investment promotion, lecturing for senior governmental officials. He is familiar with laws of industrial land expropriation and its reimbursement, transferring, rental, construction, investment and investment promotion. He also handled a wide array of legal affairs in respect of supervision food and drug, attended seminar on local legislation, such as 《The Measures for the Management of waste edible oil in Guangzhou 》、《Guangzhou pharmaceuticals, medical devices use, circulation management approach》and he is familiar with laws governing food, drug, health product, cosmetics and medical apparatus and instrument.
He also serves as legal consultants for a wide range of enterprises and organizations, such as Guangzhou Automobile Group Business CO., LTD, Sanshui Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Sanshui General Chamber of Commerce and Leping General Chamber of Commerce. He is familiar with legal affairs of establishment, operation, general management of enterprise, such as investment, mergers and acquisitions, reorganization, shares transfer, transformation, insolvency liquidation, investment and management of commercial market,shopping mall and hotel, investment in real estate and three old transformation. Mr Tan has taken part in numerous acquisition projects, such as Zhongshan **LTD purchase of  shares of Foshan ** LTD, **LTD (U.S.A) purchase of shares of Shandong Medical LTD, Guangzhou ** Auto LTD purchase of shares of Chengdu **LTD. 
He is good at legal trainings. Invited by governments at all level, chamber of commerce and industry, general chamber of commerce and enterprise, he held hundreds of legal training, like enterprise labor contract and regulation formulation,  enterprise intellectual property protection,  enterprise contract management and operation practice, enterprise sales law practice, knowledge of enterprise property, knowledge of land acquisition and housing demolition, labor contract law, company law, property law, government cadres legal knowledge training and administrative enforcement legal knowledge training and took part in the radio programme “Resolve Promblems for Knowing Laws”. 
Now, he is a member of Foshan Sanshui Leping Industry Zone Leping General Commerce Mediation Committee and government and CPPC legal research group. And he acts as vice president of legal system and Women Union trainer. At the same time, he is granted the title of “Advanced People for popularizing law” and “Top Ten vice president of legal system”.
Specialization of Mr. Tan: legal affairs of  automobile, food, drugs, health care products, cosmetics and medical machinery industry; corporate law consultant; project investment; intellectual p